Claudio Biason

Italian figurative painter

Claudio Biason is born in Portogruaro, Italy on March 31st, 1980, and is currently living and working in Concordia Sagittaria.

His passion for ancient cultures developed during the years of school education at Liceo Ginnasio Statale XXV Aprile in Portogruaro, where Greek and Roman art, and ancient art in general, were studied in detail.

Later, his will was to explore the knowledge of art in past periods, with special regard to its technical and executive aspects. So he decided to attend to Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali in Venice, with a major in "Painted artifacts on wooden and textile holder".
Theoretical school education, at the time took place in Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, went hand-in-hand with pratical work in Padova. He took part of restoration of several artworks inside Civic Museums, including two 15th century polychrome wooden sculpture representing Saint Bernardino and a Crucifix, currently on display into connected Eremitani's Church.

After the graduation, he completed his theoretical school education graduating in Ca' Foscari University in Venice at degree course in Conservation and Restoring Sciences and Chemical Technologies. In this last study path, he studied in detail various diagnostic investigations aimed to Cultural Heritage, necessary for a scientific approach in studying artworks' material quality, in order to correctly plan a future conservation work.
His degree thesis was about a study on chemical composition on painted mortars located within "Casa degli Eretici" in Hierapolis di Frigia, nearly dating back to the end of IV sec. a.C..