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Italian figurative painter

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How to disable cookies?
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  1. General types of cookies used in the site

    Technical cookies: they are essential for the proper functioning of the site

    Analytical cookies: they are directly used by the individual company Claudio Biason, in person of the owner Biason Claudio, for the purposes of aggregate analysis of site visits.

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    The names of third-party and links to the related information are available in the next paragraph. In any case, these cookies, and the information acquired through them, are not combined with the registered user account to access specific features of the site

  2. Specific types of cookies used in the site

    Cookies of the individual company Biason Claudio
    Technical cookies are used for the following purposes: store the user’s preference with regard to cookies, an indication of the possibility of sliding by touch of the screen on mobile devices:

    • nome: 1P_JAR; provenienza: dominio di terze parti "" (Google);
    • causa: l'utilizzo è contestuale ai servizi di Google in quanto il tema utilizza i font erogati da;

    Third party cookies
    In this site, two third-party cookies are used. Links to third-party related privacy policy, also for its specific disabling, are listed below (without prejudice to the provisions of par. 5.3.3, “How to disable cookies”):

    • foglio di stile necessario al caricamento del font;
    • il font vero e proprio;
  3. How to disable cookies

    Control via browser.
    Commonly used browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) accept cookies by default, but this setting can be changed by the user at any time. This applies to both Pcs and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones: it is a generally and widely supported function.

    Therefore, cookies can easily be turned off or disabled by accessing the options or preferences of the browser used and generally even only third-party cookies can be blocked; generally, such options will only have effect for that browser and on that device, unless there are active options to unify preferences on several devices. The specific instructions can be found in the options page or help of the browser itself. Pertanto, i cookie possono facilmente essere disattivati o disabilitati accedendo alle opzioni o alle preferenze del browser adoperato e generalmente possono essere bloccati anche i soli cookie di terze parti; in linea generale, tali opzioni avranno effetto solo per quel browser e sul quel dispositivo, salvo che non siano attive opzioni per unificare le preferenze su dispositivi diversi. Le istruzioni specifiche possono essere reperite nella pagina delle opzioni o di aiuto (help) del browser stesso.

    Disabling technical cookies, however, may affect the full and/or proper functioning of different sites, including

    Normally, browsers used today:

    • offer the option “Do not track”, which is supported by some websites (but not by all). Thus, some websites may no longer collect certain navigation data;
    • offer the option of anonymous or undercover browsing: in this way no data will be collected in the browser and will not be saved the browsing history, but the browsing data will still be acquired by the operator of the website visited;
    • allow you to entirely or partly delete cookies stored, but on your new visit to a website they come to normally installed where this possibility is not blocked.

    Links to support pages of most popular browsers (with instructions on disabling cookies on these browsers) are listed below:

    Third party cookies
    Third-party cookies can be disabled either with the mode described above or by referring to each third part (following the links in the previous paragraph).

    It is also reported that Your Online Choices is a important resource not only to acquire additional information about cookies, but also to express your consent in relation to numerous cookies installed by different companies.

For more information on cookie policy please visit at the following link: Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l’informativa e l’acquisizione del consenso per l’uso dei cookie – 8 maggio 2014 (Published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 126, 3rd June 2014).